The Record Producer
Page 51
Chapter 3
Production Theory
Week Thirty-One: I return the electronic drums. Chris gets another
live sound job at an area high school's spring musical. The income
is sufficient to cover Aaron’s past due rent and bills, so Chris insists
that he help us.

Week Thirty-Two: Dave Sargent agrees to move into Aaron's
bedroom on May 1st. I am just waiting at this point as I no longer
have a designated role in Aaron's production strategy. Plus, our
buddy from Guitar Center shows up to retrieve his analog
synthesizer. Aaron becomes depressed.

Week Thirty-Three: The power outages continue. Chris and I
spend the week setting up and working the musical. Aaron joins us
on the last day. The profits are enough to pay of his financial deficit.

Week Thirty-Four: The five week time table has expired. I take off
to Hilton Head to golf for a few days. At the same time, Aaron's
girlfriend visits from Manhattan. Deciding to take my car out one
night, as it is nicer than his girlfriend’s rental, Aaron accidentally
crashes it into a telephone pole that sits abnormally close to the side
of our driveway.

The car does not really have anything to do with the project, it is just
too entertaining to leave out of the story. The whole situation had
already pushed our friendship to its limits, and when it rains it pours.
I still associate with Aaron, but we did not getting along as well as we
had, after the car incident.