The Record Producer
Page 52
Chapter 3
Production Theory
Week Thirty-Five: I come home and survey the damage. It’s May
1st, so Dave has arrived and is ready to move in, but Aaron is not
prepared to leave. I am so aggravated, at this point that I am
searching for ways to avoid the situation. My cousin is moving to
Phoenix and wants some company for the road trip. I decide to
accompany him.

Week Thirty-Six: My cousin and I take our time, spending 3 days
on the road. The temperature in Phoenix is just cresting into the
triple digits, but surprisingly, it is not bad. Dave stays in my room as
Aaron still has not made plans to go back to NYC. Telephone
conversations with Chris let me know that the power outages
continue in Mt. Lebanon.

Week Thirty-Seven: Aaron is still composing 8 songs. Via the
telephone, Chris and I discuss the experience that we have had. We
decide to change the way we do business, and we begin to discuss
some radical business ideas. I purchase a round trip ticket from
Phoenix to Pittsburgh that returns at the end of the summer. My
intent is to apply our new business philosophy in the south west.

Week Thirty-Eight: I return home as Chris and I are due in court.
We sue the motion picture company and win. Hooray! We put Aaron
on a bus out of town on May 26, 2003. We tell him that he may
return for his equipment once he has paid off the Sweetwater
balance. Chris replaces the dry cell in our power supply and
the outages finally stop.