The Record Producer
Page 53
Chapter 3
Production Theory
In late May of 2003, Chris Brown and I sat in the studio and
discussed our experiences, successes and failures, and the dreams
upon which our business was founded. Throughout the previous 38
weeks, we had spent all of our time bickering over audio equipment,
and no time producing music. Throughout the previous 4 years;
David Yugar, Zak the television producer, Aaron and many others,
came to work with us for the opportunity to utilize our audio

Chris and realized also that we had worked with some really talented
musicians. Many studios charge hourly rates so that their owners
can pay off the cost of audio equipment. Unfortunately, the
musicians we really wanted to work with could not afford our hourly
rate. The recording contracts that some bands had signed; were
signed because the bands could not afford the expense of
recording; the expense that stems from the high cost of audio
equipment. Yet, times were changing and the cost of audio
equipment as well.
In hindsight, I feel that I developed the Johnson Recording Method
out of frustration, over the situation with Aaron. Plus, the fact that I
was unable to take reigns and produce something. This was the
motivation for the hip hop track I produced soon afterwards.
Funk Bait/Funk Bait's only song
The Whitening - 2003