The Record Producer
Page 54
Chapter 3
Production Theory
Wouldn't it be great if...

We could pick the project we wanted to work on with out having to
concern ourselves with the cost of audio equipment.

Wouldn't it be great if...

We could share the recordings we made with the world for free, and
we could profit a different way.

Wouldn't it be great if...

We had no need for record contracts, because we had access to an
unlimited supply of audio equipment.

We didn't know how we could do it, but my vision for the business
changed as a result of that discussion with Chris. Also, the two of us
changed the name of our company to
Art Beyond Audio.
There’s an old saying that goes; a writer writes. Just the same; a
producer produces. To produce is to take music and turn it into a
product. During this 38 week long episode, Aaron was not yet a
producer. If you cannot produce a recording in nearly a year, you
are not a producer. I have come to learn that producing is a very
‘results oriented’ profession.