The Record Producer
Page 56
Chapter 4
The Fundamentals
Composition and arrangement are the first 2 steps in the Johnson
Recording Method. I chose the previous arrangements of "When
You Wish Upon a Star", because of their dramatic differences.
Understanding the relationship between a composition and
arrangement is important the record producer, because the record
producer targets a specific type of listener. Understand the following

The 1st Fundamental:

When performing together, professional musicians rely upon each
other’s general understanding of different styles and feels. Every
style of music has its own set of rules, and this is what allows
unrehearsed groups to start together, end together, and transition
between sections of a chart smoothly. These rules also allow
musicians to play the same song in a variety of styles. The
contradiction is; the stylistic rules do not apply when music is
categorized in a record store.

The listener has no knowledge of stylistic rules. The listener’s
appreciation of style revolves entirely around
the sound. Simply put;
it ain’t jazz because the groove is a medium swing, or because there
is a walking bass line and a hihat on 2 and 4. From the listener’s
point of view, it is jazz because there is a piano and saxophone. This
is a key element to production, because your performers can play
whatever style they want. If the instrumentation resembles that of a
Coltrane album, the recording will be categorized as jazz.