The Record Producer
Page 57
Chapter 4
The Fundamentals
So, the arrangement determines the recording’s classification, not
the composition. This is vital in production because it is one of the
first concepts that the producer will understand, and the performer
probably will not. You must decide whether this will be beneficial to
your recording, or whether it will be detrimental.

The 2nd Fundamental:

This book is filled with concepts that help you understand how to
achieve your own sound. In terms of sounding professional,
however, there is only one fundamental element:
balance. Balance,
as it pertains to every step in the process, will cause you to
contradict everyone else involved in your recording. This happens
because the phrase; ‘being artistic’ is almost synonymous with
‘being unique’, and almost everyone involved in the process is an
artist. The only scientists are the producer and the mastering
engineer. The composer will promote moods and surprises, the
performer will promote dynamics and complexity, and the editor will
promote intensity and effects. As the producer, you must generate a
series of checks that counteract everyone else’s contribution.

Remember: simplicity favors balance and complexity favors
. This idea, by itself, will help you solve 90 percent of the
problems you encounter in the studio. The others will undermine
your pursuit of balance throughout each step, and you should
encourage them to, because the balance between you and the
others will also help to make the recording good.