The Record Producer
For the love of creativity
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Chapter 1...
Artistic creativity spawns from emotion. Artistic creativity has nothing
to do with intelligence, and can be found in everyone despite color,
gender, religion, or social class. Art is the product of this creativity;
manifested in film, literature, and dance. In the realm of music, the
producer translates the creative for the collective. As an aspiring
producer, your goal should be to understand both. Your virtue will
blossom with the acquisition of knowledge. This book is a merely a
brick in the wall.

The unbiased disbursement of creative talent, throughout all the
different walks of life, can be more of curse than a blessing. I started
out in pursuit of talent that I could mold into success. I tried to curb
all prejudice.

“The music will justify the struggle,” I thought.

It does not.

The sacrifices you make for the music will put you in the business of
making sacrifices, rather than the business making money from the
music you produce. I am not saying that money and success is
everyone's motivation, but it was certainly mine. Besides, the
musicians that have had strong influence throughout history, have
made money doing it. Like so many other artistic people, I had to
learn that there is a difference between making music and doing