The Record Producer
Page 60
Chapter 5
The all encompassing reality of wave relationships.
Many have used the term Omni-Phase to describe a number of
different ideas, physical or practical associations, products etc. In
this book, the term will be used to describe
the all-encompassing
reality of wave relationships
. This is the initial step to an
understanding of all genres of music, and the concepts that are truly

The speed of sound is constant as it moves through air molecules.

Composition of Air:

78.084% Nitrogen
20.946% Oxygen
0.934% Argon
0.03% Carbon Dioxide
0.0018% Neon
0.000524% Helium
0.0002% Methane
0.000114% Krypton
0.00005% Hydrogen
0.00005% Nitrous Oxide
0.0000087% Xenon
0.0032533% Space
(At sea level)