The Record Producer
Page 61
Chapter 5
The all encompassing reality of wave relationships.
This is the stuff I am talking about. When an object vibrates
it generates a compression wave. Regardless of size (or amplitude),
a compression wave travels 340.29 meters through this stuff in one
second. 340.29 m / s is the documented speed of sound, as it is
applied in several other sciences.

By counting the number of compression waves generated
every second by a vibrating object, we can interpret the vibration’s
frequency. Thus, frequency is measured in hertz (or cycles per
second). Since the speed of sound is a constant; in controlled air
space, a compression wave generated at point ‘a’ will have the
same exact frequency when it reaches point ‘b’.
A                                                          B
My colleagues and I have argued about the relationship between
phase, frequency and pitch, several times. Luckily this is my book,
so you will be getting my understanding of wave relationships.