The Record Producer
Page 62
Chapter 5
The all encompassing reality of wave relationships.
Breaking it down:

Waves, as they have appeared in the ocean, are a visual tool we
use to describe the movement of many different types of energy,
though a medium. Let’s face it; the best kind of tool is a universal
tool, which waves are.

Whether you are studying light waves, sound waves, radio waves, or
ocean waves, every type of wave is susceptible to various forces.
Reflection, refraction, and diffraction can affect all waves. Also, all
can be measured with parameters like amplitude, wavelength, and of
course, frequency. Therefore the fundamental that makes the study
of waves possible, is that each type of energy (light, sound, etc.)
moves at constant speed when introduced into a given medium. If air
is the given medium then audio waves move 340.28m / s.

Omni-Phase, applied herein, is the study of phenomena that occur
as audio waves (or compression waves) interact in the air. We must
pretend that air always has the same density and that changes
in altitude, physical motion throughout airspace, and solid objects
are not a factor in our environment. (Obviously they are). In our
world, no air space is controlled. In reality, there are an infinite
number of factors that can and do alter compression waves in the
environment. We are simply focusing on one of those factors,
other compression waves.