The Record Producer
Page 64
Chapter 5
The all encompassing reality of wave relationships.
Experiment 1:

There are several types of inputs on the backs of speakers.
A simple demonstration of speaker phase can be done with two
speakers that receive their inputs through two separate wires
(RCA, Banana Plug, speaker wire, etc.). No matter what the inputs
are, as with all electric current, there is a positive and a negative

On a stereo track, when audio is panned ‘center’, the signal is split
evenly between the two speakers. When standing at mix position (an
equal distance from both speakers), the listener receives the sound
at the desired decibel level. This happens because when the waves
intersect, they compliment each other evenly. For our purposes
think of it like this: 3 db from the left plus 3 db from the right equals 6
db at the intersecting point.

(This is not entirely true, because due to friction, the compression
waves begin to diminish in amplitude the moment they are created).

The intersecting point is what the engineer calls 'mix position’. The
OMNI-PHASE concept, as applied in this scenario, is simply that two
congruent compression waves will compliment each other when they
intersect at mix position.