The Record Producer
Page 66
Chapter 5
The all encompassing reality of wave relationships.
Can you hear what happens then at mix position?

In a controlled airspace, the wave energy from one side will be
perfectly contradicted by the now opposing energy. Thus, the
compression waves are neutralized or cancelled out. In your
environment there will always be other contributing factors; mainly,
other vibrations creating a host of varying wave energy in the air. If
you create this circumstance, however, you should notice a dramatic
drop in volume, or dbl (decibel level), at mix position. A 180 degree
phase variance is shockingly dramatic and easily remedied. The last
time I heard one was at store where the air space was filled with
sounds, and I was far from mix position.

I went through two laptops working on this book. The first I
destroyed when I moronically plugged the wrong adapter in to it and
fried the circuitry. It just goes to show that no matter how
electronically savvy; no knowledge can counteract those periodic
spurts of stupidity. Anyhow, I went to
Fry’s Electronics to purchase a
caddy for the hard drive I salvaged from the fried laptop. While in
the store, I passed a display for a high-end television and was
compelled to stop and check the speakers. Sure enough, the front
right speaker was 180 degrees out of phase with its partner. I
thought to myself, “Wow this probably is not helping them sell.” So I
casually flipped the cables behind the speaker and went on with my
business. It is amazing that in this massive electronics superstore,
no one responded to a 180 degree phase variance. No one noticed
it! I suppose this reaffirms the importance of training your ears.