The Record Producer
Page 67
Chapter 5
The all encompassing reality of wave relationships.
Once you have learned to recognize the most dramatic of polar
opposites in OMNI-PHASE principles, you will have a perspective.
Then, you may detect less dramatic phase distortion.

Here is where it gets a little more difficult. Microphone phasing can
and will occur in any environment with two or more ‘open’

By OPEN: I mean they are ON and your recording format is
receiving their signal.

It is easiest to recognize this phenomenon when it is applied using
a stereo pair.

Experiment 2:

If you have access to the resources, try setting up a snare drum and
placing two of the same microphone equivalent distances from the
top head. Pan the signal from the right microphone to the right
speaker, and the left to the left respectively. Record several drum
hits and then alter the distance of one of the microphones from the
head. Alter the distance very slightly, and do this several times
moving only one microphone toward and away from the head. Then,
stand at mix position and listen to the recordings. This exercise
should aid you in training your ears to hear varying degrees of
phase distortion.