The Record Producer
Page 6
Chapter 1...
It all started in high school. It was the beginning of senior year, when
my close friend Chris agreed to give me a ride home from
percussion practice. Our school had a dynamite music program, and
he and I had taken full advantage participating in every musical
ensemble that was available to us. We jumped into his old, white,
Chevy Nova and as we sat behind the school he hit me his latest

"Let's put on our own concert," he said.

I could not help but wonder if he had been influenced by the popular
movie "Wayne's World 2", but I never asked him. Honestly, I was just
as exited by the idea as he was. That conversation marked the
beginning of a long-term business relationship that led to building of
several companies, the acquisition of hundreds of thousands in
sound equipment, and other electronics. We both attended
College of Music, where we continued to run our first live sound and
production company. After college, we opened our first commercial
recording studio. By 21 years of age, we had already produced
hundreds of recordings.

Like so many entrepreneurial duos; he would design the technology
and I would attract the investment.  At the end of each year, I would
write a report of our progress. The following is an editorial that I
attached to the back of the 2nd annual report...
For the love of creativity