The Record Producer
Page 74
Chapter 5
The all encompassing reality of wave relationships.
The losses and gains in dbl, that occur as nodes and anti-nodes
intersect in the air, begin to create their own vibrational signatures in
the air. Note frequencies that share common factors, create many
vibrational signatures. Later I will get into pulses, beats, harmonics
and overtones, and you may draw some of the same conclusions
that I have. I am record producer that truly appreciates the
complexities of music and audio recording, and how if not for those
complexities, it would not be considered a form of art.

Rather than dividing note frequencies;
arrangers simply trust the
rules of harmony, or better yet, trust their ears. They know that
instruments resonate at many frequencies, giving them their
characteristics. Also, periodically two instruments, seeming to
break the rules of harmony, will still sound pleasing. Therefore, as
the producer whom understands why the rules exist, you should
have no problem ignoring them in the studio. Trusting your ears
is always the key. Leave harmony to the arranger.

How to induce fatigue...

Several companies sell recordings to help you sleep.
Whether it is the ocean, or the sound of wind rushing through a
forest, it is typically an even distribution of frequencies. The sound
remains constant, and seems to take effect after about a minute.
The song “Step Away”, on the album “
Seeking the Muse”, also
induces fatigue but through music. Here is what was done in the