The Record Producer
Page 75
Chapter 5
The all encompassing reality of wave relationships.
“Step Away” was the second song I recorded with Soze. The song
began with a two-measure guitar line, and as originally composed;
it ended with the same line. At my suggestion, we recorded the line
repeating throughout the entire song.

(Note: we did not cut and paste during the edit, the guitarist
recorded the entire part)

At times the line blends with the other guitars, but at the end of
each chorus, its presence is heard again. After the other parts were
recorded we added three shakers; one high, one mid, and one low,
referring to their pitch. Three players huddled around a stereo
pair of AKG 414’s and shook them through the entire song. After
the track was mastered, I noticed the phenomenon.

I have experimented with new listeners, and time and time again,
the results are the same! The listener will become tired after
approximately one minute. They begin to yawn, and sometimes the
fall asleep. I am not kidding. Every time I have played the song for
anyone, in any listening environment, this has happened. It
happens every, single time.