The Record Producer
Page 76
Chapter 6
Sound Waves/Brain Waves
One afternoon I received a phone call from Doug McFarland, a
talented martial artist and friend, whom had recently developed
some new techniques in his daily meditation. The techniques related
to breathing patterns, managing sexual energy, and channeling
internal energy (or ‘chi’). In the months preceding his phone call, I
noticed that Doug had trouble describing some of the things he
experienced in his meditation. In conversation with me and other
martial artists, he tended to use colors as descriptions for various
types of energy and states of a person’s aura. (A visual description
of forces he sensed in the environment through meditation) One
day, he called to tell me something very interesting. He said that he
was taking a class, and his instructor was using musical instruments
during their collective meditation. He was exited, because on that
day the instructor used something new. An instrument that American
musicians refer to as: ‘the singing bowl’. He said, “I began to see
intense colors everywhere around me. Some I had never seen

The electroencephalograph is a machine used by scientists,
neurologists, and neuroscientists; to monitor brainwaves.
Abbreviated, it is called the ‘EEG’.

During meditation, two types of brainwaves are observed; DELTA
waves, observed during the deepest meditation, and THETA waves,
observed during normal meditation. Brainwaves, like sound waves
(or any waves for that matter) can be measured in hertz, or cycles
per second.