The Record Producer
Page 78
Chapter 6
Sound Waves/Brain Waves
There is a scientific explanation for Doug’s altered state of
meditation. Altered meditation, via musical instruments, can be
attributed to binaural beats and their effect on our psyche.

Binaural beats were discovered by biophysicist, and one of the
founding fathers of brainwave technology, Gerald Oster. They are
an auditory brainstem response that causes brainwaves to simulate
the reaction to a ‘phantom’ sound. It occurs when two frequencies
are presented in each ear. Basically; the brain reacts as if it were
receiving a third frequency, though in reality, it is not.

Tuning, the singing bowl, and binaural beats...

Perhaps, you have tuned a bass guitar. If you have not, hopefully
you have watched a bass guitar being tuned. This concept applies
to the tuning of any multi-toned instrument, but with a bass guitar,
the low frequencies that it generates make the effect very
noticeable. The lowest string on the common 4-string bass guitar is
typically tuned ‘E’. The next string is tuned ‘A’, and is equivalent to
the ‘E’ strings 5th fret. Guitar strings tend to maintain their pitch
longer if they are stretched into key, so you will typically see the
player drop the string below its proper tuning, then inch it back up.
During that inching, you should hear the anomaly. The sound of two
strings struck just barely out of tune with each other, will increase
and diminish in dbl. These occurrences are called beats. To avoid
confusion in this book, we will call them pulses. When the two tones
come closer to matching, the pulse will begin to slow down. This is
how bass players tune their instruments by ear.