The Record Producer
Page 79
Chapter 6
Sound Waves/Brain Waves
Pulses: Green = Increased dbl, Yellow = Diminished dbl
Use a little deductive reasoning, and you should understand what
causes the pulse. We covered the science behind this anomaly in
OMNI-PHASE. The NFR between ‘A1’ (55 Hz) and ‘A (54 Hz)’ or half
a semitone flat, will yield 60 pulses a minute. Every second, the
waves will go out of phase. The pulse is always the difference
between the two frequencies. Conjunctively; when playing F5
together with F#5, you should hear E1 sound as well.
Singing Bowl

Singing bowls simulate a pulse because of the molecular
imperfections in the bowl. In other words, the bowl sounds different
when the mallet touches one side as opposed to the other. What
make them so effective at opening chakras are the overtones. As
the root note wavers, the overtones waver as well. Thus, the pulse
has its own set of overtones. The pulse is congruent with the
resulting binaural beats.