The Record Producer
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Chapter 1...

Power Pye Studios and David Yugar

David was a booking agent that worked out of Canonsburg, PA. His
agency booked local talent in clubs and colleges in the region. The
agency's owner provided him with offices and working capitol from
other ventures. After his encounter with Chris and myself, David
decided that he would have greater success if he worked out of the
offices in Power Pye Studio. David assured us that he was well
connected to the local music scene. We would provide office space
for his new agency,
Yugar Productions, and he would keep the
studio filled with customers. I know today that when ideas like these
are executed quickly and carelessly, the results are never what you
would think.

During April, after the equipment was installed, and as
David moved in his new business; we found ourselves recording
David’s band. A month went by with no income, as David had
promised the group a free album. Unfortunately, this was
knowledge that we, the owners, gained later that summer. By then,
we had already burned bridges with the group. David led us to
believe that they were an experimental project, for us to debug the
system. In May, once we felt confident with our new system, we
pressured him to produce some paying clients. He did. David had
an idea for us to offer one free song to every group in his book. We
agreed that this would probably lead to future business, when those
groups decided to record full projects. We did a free song for seven
different clients.
For the love of creativity