The Record Producer
Page 81
Chapter 6
Sound Waves/Brain Waves
You can produce recordings that will make people sad or happy,
bored or excited, tired or wide awake. You can create the illusion of
physical pain. You can give people head aches. You can induce
anxiety, or even fatigue. You can make people thirsty, hungry, or
create the desire to anesthetize them selves. You can promote
sexual energy. This is power, in its rawest form.

“Step Away”, was an example of a recording that caused fatigue. I
have also caused headaches and though the equation for that is
simple, I am not going to share it with you. Of course, these effects
are not completely controlled, as the listening environment is out of
your control. Considering the potential of these effects is the
important thing. Perhaps you will discover the specific mathematical
equations that induce these physiological changes. “It is possible
that hormonally induced physiological behavior changes may be
made apparent by measuring the binaural beat spectrum.”

Gerald Oster, Scientific American (October 1973)

Knowledge truly is power, and unquestionable power in the field of
recording production. Just as your recordings can make people feel
happy or sad, you can also make us peaceful or violent.