The Record Producer
Page 82
Chapter 6
Sound Waves/Brain Waves
Woodstock ‘99

Two young girls are walking around in body paint. That is all, just
body paint. The taller of the two, a thin young woman, stood
greeting the passers by. I cannot tell you very much about her as I
was far more focused on the other one. The shorter brunette to her
right, her breasts were difficult to ignore. The painting began on her
right cheek (I do not mean the one on her face) and wrapped
around her hips and stomach, then onto the oversized breasts. At
this point, it was the hottest time of day. The high was 98 degrees,
and here we stood on an airport runway. It’s a heat I cannot
describe. I have only sunburned twice in my life. That day at
woodstock in New York, and once on the beach in Cozumel, Mexico.

A smart person would get out of the sun. Unfortunately, this was
the only way to see anyone of the slew of musicians on the bill.
Grab your toes and spell run, because a bottle of water just hit 8
bucks! These kids are tired, they are thirsty, they are hungry and
now thanks to these girls, they are horny. It smells like a nasty
situation. Chris, Adam and I decide to go see Jamiroqui. Jay Kay
delivers a good performance, although, many Berklee musicians
agree that Alanis Morresette gives the best performance of the day.