The Record Producer
Page 84
Chapter 6
Sound Waves/Brain Waves
The Chem. Bros. perform just before Rage against the Machine.
Rage is an interesting band; they feel that it is appropriate to burn
an American during their performance. Also, their music is a bit
Watch at your own risk.

A fight breaks out on the right side of the main stage. Noses are
broken; concert-goers are carted away bloody and injured. My
friends and I decide that this is a good time to go home.
We stop in Conneaut Lake as Chris has a cottage there and we
all want to take a rest, and most importantly, to cool off. We turn
on the television and watch the riots on MTV.

The crowd was clearly moved by Rage’s message. Now, let me
qualify this point rationally and reasonably. The situation was
already dangerous. Profiteering on the part of the vendors got way
out of control. Food and water was far too expensive. The kids that
attended were tired, broke and angry before Rage against the
Machine went on. In the years hence, I have not heard anyone
blame Rage against the Machine.

Let us, however, get back to the subject at hand…

We now understand that music can influence people’s emotions. I do
not just believe it; I understand that there is a science behind it.
Reading through the next chapters, I want you to ask yourself: What
do I want people to feel when they hear my songs?
And more importantly:
What do I want people to do after they hear my songs?