The Record Producer
Page 85
Chapter 7
The Recording Method
With an idea, a piece is formed. The idea comes just before the
piece is brought to life, for the first time, in the mind of the
composer. Some composers write it down.

The Arranger: Someone has to determine what instruments will
perform each part. They could be any instruments.

The Conductor: Well obviously there has to be a conductor. Every
performance is conducted, right? As a drummer who has conducted,
I believe that drummers make excellent conductors. That is, if they
know how to conduct. Seriously, remember Aaron’s recording plan
for his album?

I was supposed to play an electronic drum set, which would establish
a human feel for his beats. Whether it’s a computer, or a person,
there is always a conductor. It is the one that establishes the ‘feel’.
Composer, Arranger, Conductor, Performer, Producer, Tracking
Engineer, Producer, Editor, Producer, Mix Engineer, Mastering
Engineer; these are the positions. The positions are not optional.
The order does not change.

The Composer: Every piece starts the same way...
Symphony No. 5 in C minor
Ludwig Van Beethoven