The Record Producer
Page 86
Chapter 7
The Recording Method
The Performer: You strike the keys, or you pick up the sticks, or
you voice it, or you blow into it, or you press that button; at some
point, the audio is performed.

The Producer: Your title is so revered by musicians everywhere.
Also, your job is the only one that must be repeated in the recording
method. The audio was recently performed, did you hear it? Did you
put a microphone in front of it, or did you plug it into something.
Whatever you did, you must have done something because it exists
today as a recording. As well as translating the creative for the
collective, your job is to manifest something tangible. You create a
product. Something that represents the roles that came before
yours in the process.

The Tracking Engineer: Some one plugs it in. Someone turns it
on. Someone starts it. Someone stops it.

The Producer: You have to decide what happens to the audio next.
Sometimes there are many decisions, and the amount of decisions,
determines how long the editor will be working. There could be
decisions like removing a track or over-dubbing a track. You could
stop a bunch of tracks here, and start a bunch of new tracks over
here. My favorite is to make a track go backwards at a really cool
point in time. Never mind, say that today you want to keep it
simple. You decide to use take 6.