The Record Producer
Page 89
Chapter 8
The Big Sound
The sound that alludes so many producers, ‘the big sound’; it is
merely the relative difference between the sound of my recordings,
and that of recordings I listen to. It is something only those whom
record can hear. It is also something I may have already achieved
from the vantage point of one who is less experienced.

By searching for a final ‘big sound’, you will be embarking on and
endless quest. From any stand point, some recordings will have a
sound that is bigger than yours, and some will have a sound that is
smaller. It is all relative.

What am I talking about?

Chris used to call it ‘the professional switch’. This was a conspiracy
theory that involved top engineers and producers that worked on
major label releases. The idea was an extra button on all recording
gear that is kept secret from the public, so that independents would
be unable to produce hits. The counter-reality is that some
independents have produced hits, and as we move forward in time,
more and more independents will accomplish this.

Today, the Art Beyond Audio Group is promoting this idea, primarily.
Our organization has collected a tremendous amount of information
that suggests the following:

Independent recording artists will become more successful, and will
eventually become the leading album sellers in the music industry.