The Record Producer
Page 8
Chapter 1...
For the love of creativity

All but two gave us future business. If we had continued with this
promotion, we may not have closed Power Pye. Although, the studio
truly met its demise when the activity in the building spun out of our
control. David’s company (now equipped with 4 employees) was
booking ex-cast members, from the hit MTV series; “The Real
World”. As the
Real World College Tour gained overwhelming
popularity, David quickly lost focus on musicians. One of his
employees, a friend of ours from Berklee, was living in the recording
studio lounge. Occasionally, David would bring in non-gigging
musicians to get us off of his back. However, after the initial
promotion, none of the musicians that David found produced income
for the studio. All of them were talented, but they were also broke.

I referred back to our business plan to determine the right path. I
realized how strongly we had felt about production. By the end of the
summer, we realized that we had done absolutely no production
what so ever. This was unfortunate, because our primary selling
feature was originally intended to be my production talents. It was at
that point, when two parties approached us with deals.