Page 90
Chapter 8
The Big Sound
Aaron believed that it is the gear itself. Two-inch analog tape,
apogee converters, and SSL consoles give you the BIG sound. The
counter-reality is what I wrote earlier…“Quincy Jones can produce a
better recording with a boom box, than inexperienced producers can
with a million dollar studio.”

The bottom line is: if you cannot hit a good drive, a Big Bertha is not
going to turn you into Tiger Woods. Once you have worked with
many of the world’s choicest pieces, you will agree that better gear
only makes a positive difference once you have obtained the skill
set that takes advantage of the difference.

Do you have the courage to challenge your own methods
when the sound does not agree with you?

This is more important than any of the other stuff in this book. Be
the scholar; trust yourself to achieve the solution. Make sure that
positions are designated in the process. By doing an exemplary job
with only one step in the process, your recording will have an
appeal. If you execute each step well, your recording will be

There are infinite possibilities in this game. Use your imagination
and try new things. You should be satisfied when every waking
second of your sound is fantastic. If a moment sours you,
experiment some more. When your foot starts tapping, or your head
starts bobbing, you are done.