Page 91
Chapter 8
The Big Sound
Have you ever watched a band mix there own song? The drummer
wants to hear himself more. The bass player wants to hear himself
more. The piano player wants to hear himself more. It is a recipe for
disaster and a primary reason that I insist upon designating roles.

Mix engineers understand; just as lowering other tracks can make a
track louder, making an instrument sound 'smaller' can make it
sound more noticeable. Consolidating many tracks creates room for
many more. This is how you begin to create layers. We will discuss
layers in greater depth later.

Honestly, more gear is more fun. However, do not look to gear to
create a sound that you do not already have. This is important. In
The New Music Industry Seminar I spend a lot of time telling amateur
engineers to remove pieces from their setup. Amateurs are often so
exited about ‘having a recording studio’, that they plug everything
they can find into their board. This is a mistake. Circuitry adds noise
and more equipment creates a greater margin for error. You can
keep extra pieces in the studio, but only plug them into your signal
path when you want their sound. Otherwise, they do not need to be

Get recordings done! No time for excuses! When you are unsure of
yourself, suck it up. You will never run out of stuff to record, I
guarantee it! Fix what you have, and get the job done!