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Chapter 9
Designing Sexy Signal Flow
When mixing or equalizing, you can add and subtract from your mix.
This is elementary stuff for studio engineers. It is like a big musical
soup. You can ‘fill it up’ by adding, and you can ‘clean it up’ by
subtracting. The purpose of this chapter is to apply the same
principles, when designing your signal flow. This understanding can
and will factor into the recording process, but just like everything
else you have learned, getting it right in the first place saves you
time and money. This is something to think about if you ever find
yourself setting up a studio.

A holistic understanding of signal flow starts with understanding
electricity. Once again we are back in the realm of physics. The
engineer must have a linear perspective on signal path.

Take the most basic digital recording setup:
The recording format is simply the device you are recording on.
The linear perspective will allow the engineer to troubleshoot. When
something does not work, they can examine the linear signal path,
and find the culprit. From this stand point, a linear perspective of
signal path is helpful. However, to design a signal path that is sexy,
you must revert back to circular thinking.
Microphone          Preamp:          AD converter:        Format: