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Chapter 9
Designing Sexy Signal Flow
What if you need more than one microphone to capture your

If you are tracking many parts simultaneously, you will naturally need
more microphones. If you choose to incorporate a mixing console
during tracking step, examine the console’s block diagram so that
you are aware of all the circuitry that you are adding to the signal

Remember how all circuitry adds noise? Well, that’s not entirely true.
Analog circuitry adds noise. Digital circuitry does not. If you are
using digital equipment, you should be very aware of the precise
point your signal becomes digital. You should also know what you
are using to translate your analog signal into a digital signal. That
device is called an A/D converter.
Digital equipment can not describe a compression wave it can only
describe an analog signal created by a compression wave.

Note: I have seen digital microphones for sale in electronics stores.
What this means is that the A/D converter is inside the microphone,
however they call it a “Delta-Sigma Modulator”.